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Lymphedema is a condition that is associated with excessive swelling in an extremity or on a part of the body. Lymphedema affects nearly 104 million people worldwide.


Although causes vary a majority of those suffering from Lymphedema have gone through damage or removal of lymph nodes normally during cancer treatments. Once there is an obstruction within the lymphatic system it prevents fluid from draining thus causing build up or swelling.


Lymphedema stemming from cancer treatments could be delayed months or even years.

Currently there is no cure for lymphedema. Those that have lymphedema have options for treatment.  Exercising to increase lymph fluid drainage has been shown to help reduce swelling with those affected by lymphedema. Another important technique that is widely used consists of wrapping the affected limb or body part to encourage lymphatic fluid to flow back to the center of your body and get recirculated. Other treatments consists of massaging the affected areas,  compression garments like sleeves or stockings and pneumatic compression, a system that is connected to a pump to inflate a sleeve to increase pressure and promote fluid movement.


Since there is no cure for lymphedema, many sufferers become frustrated and overwhelmed.  It is important to understand more about lymphedema and to take great care of any affected limb. It is also important to take control of the overall health of the body. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting enough exercise and enough sleep will create more energy and will promote healing.


The final component is found within the lymphedema community itself. It can seem like your life is over when you become diagnosed with lymphedema. Keep in mind that there are millions that are living each day with lymphedema. Reach out to the communities online to learn more about what others are doing to live a full and happy life and provide encouragement for others that are struggling will help you realize there is so much to live for.


Here are links to a few online communities and associations that can help you:


National Lymphedema Network

Support Groups

Lymph Notes



EZ Medical Wraps offers a wide range of custom compression garments at an affordable price. We currently offer solutions for legs, lower and upper, as well as arms.


Our products were developed by someone with lymphedema for others with lymphedema but they can be used for any condition that requires wearing a compression garment.


Our goal was to create a product that was easy for user to put on themselves and comfortable to wear all day (and night). The problem with other compression garments on the market is that they are just to complicated to put on without the assistance of a caregiver or a physical therapist. Our wraps utilize hook and loop closures, allowing the user to adjust for the perfect compression and hold itself in place while bandages are applied.


  • EZ Medical Wraps Short Stretch is much easier to use than other compression bandages with the added hook and loop closure to the finishing end. Our wraps stay in place while you are getting and applying additional wraps.


  • EZ Medical Wraps Stay-Dry Sleeves are the perfect barrier between the compression foam and skin. Designed with comfort in mind, the Stay-Dry Sleeve is made of a moisture wicking material that keeps the user cooler and drier while wearing their compression garments.


  • EZ Medical Wraps Compression Foam is custom made using your measurements. Using our hook and loop closure system, these wraps are easy to apply and adjustable to fit as your limbs grow or shrink.